Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crested Butte Weekend

Friends needed a ride to Gunnison, CO for the start of this year's Ride the Rockies this past weekend.  They asked me to drive them there, and in return, would pay for night at my favorite moutain town, Crested Butte.  Well,  the Purple Mountain Innwas booked.   Barb and I stayed there last Februray for the Ally Loop and Elevations was way too pricey, so I stayed in the Hostel, which is very comfortable, clean and a great deal. 

I was on the Lower Loop trail ride, nothing too technical, on the MTB when I came upon this view for Mt Crested Butte with the Slate River!  WOW, whata sight.  The Fuji FinePic, 3MPix did a fine job for me.

Afterwards, I had dinner at LiL's sushi bar.  The second time I've had sushi and was it good.  The owner has fish flown in five days a week.  Here I am, in the middle of  Colorado, as far from the ocean as you can get (kinda) and eating some damn good fish!!  That, two glasses of wine and good conversation with the locals made for a great evening. 

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