Friday, December 11, 2015

Churches of Reykjavik, Iceland

 As I'm turning 60 next year, I was looking for and adventure, to a place less traveled, little known, and little understood. Iceland and Reykjavik have been on my list of "to go places" for the last three years so my wife and I traveled there Thanksgiving Week, 2015.  We hoped to see the Northern Lights, but the clouds had other plans for us.  Instead, we experience a country we knew little about, but came to love.  The pace of life, the people, the culture, the climate are inviting and relaxing.  I could live there if it wasn't at 64 Degrees North: Iceland in the last week of November has about 5.5 hours of day light, which was difficult. We are already planning our next trip....

These photos are the first in a series I'll be posting.  Seeing how this trip was, in some ways, a spiritual adventure, I think it is fitting to start with the Churches we visited in and around Reykjavik.

The Basilica of Christ the King at dawn (9:30AM)

The Sanctuary of Christ the King

Skalholt Cathedral, played a significant role in
Icelandic religious history.  Once the site of Catholicism, it is now
part of the Church of Iceland (Lutheran).  

The Sanctuary of Shklholt Cathedral was very peaceful. 
This image of Christ is a mosaic of colored tiles.  

Hallgrimskikha Cathedral stands high above all in Reykjavik.
You will see it from where ever you are.

Lifer Eiricsson Stands outside of Hallgrimskikha Cathedral.
This statue was a gift from the USA to Iceland.

Facing the alter inside Hallgrimskikha Cathedral.

Looking towards the back of the Hallgrimskikha Cathedral
with the pipes of the organ looming over the 

The Alter of Hallgrimskikja Cathedral 
These pipes could fill Reykjavic with music.
Next trip I have to hear them!  

 A Stain Glass window of the Blessed Virgin
inside Hallgrimskikja Cathedral .
Looking  north westerly over Reykjavik from the tower of Hallgrimskikja Cathedral.  

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