Thursday, December 17, 2015

Iceland's Golden Circle Tour

The Golden Circle Tour is a marketing attraction and a must when visiting Iceland.  It will take you to some of Iceland's top cultural and geological attractions and allows you to see a lot of the country outside of Reykjavik in one day.  In winter months, it's best to take a guided bus tour as the weather in the highlands could make driving challenging.  Pingvellir National Park, Geysir, Gullfuss are the highlights as is crossing from the North Atlantic to the Eu-Asian tectonic plates and driving on the Mid-Atlantic Riff.  Iceland is the only location where the riff rises above the ocean.  Our tour stopped at the sight of the meeting place of the first Icelandic Parliament (which is the oldest parliament in the world).   It's an outdoor venue, on the riff, and marked with a Flag of Iceland.  The photo below is a chasm that runs through the site.  

Gullfoss (Golden Falls) is one of the most famous attractions in Iceland and it;s obvious why.  These falls are dynamic and powerful in sight, sound. beauty.  The river was nearly dammed  in the mid 1800 for development until the heir of the daughter of the  landowner threatened to jump into the falls.  Parliament rescinded and made the falls a National Park.  

Strokkur Geysir (gay-zeer), the small of the  two geysirs, erupts about every 5 to 10 minutes and shoots
between 15m and 30m (45ft to 90ft) in the air.  

One of the thermal pools at Geysir.  It's about 2PM: notice how low the sun.  

Another view from Geysir Thermal area.  

Sunset at Skalholt.  

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